Oval business center

Single Layer Structure & cladding

Project Name

Marina Twin Towers


Office building

Build Up Area

95000 Mtr2


2B + GF + M + 4 Podium + (2 x 22)

Unique Members

1 nos.

Unique Nodes

1 nos.

Unique Panels

1 nos.

In between the Marina twin towers and at the void from the ground floor up to level six, there is an oval sphere structure that is supported only by four pillars. This whole structure is gladded with Arch-ion Titanium coated Stainless steel sheets and caries in the front elevation a point fixed glazing IGU panel facade. Hexanom designed the superstructure and the single-layer triangulated structure due to the need for complete control of the thousands of unique parts needed to create the envelope.
It is carrying a three-story high-end business center, and it stands out along with the towers a land mark in Lusail city.

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