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A Design & build company for Fluid structures

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Advance Engineering For Creatives!

HEXANOM is a Design & Build Company for Organic Structures.

We specialize in organic structures composed of spaceframes, single-layer structures, glazing, and cladding with various high-tech materials. 

HEXANOM consists of engineers and designers of a high caliber who possess the engineering of developing organic structures with the only limitation of the architect’s vision. 

Our more than 10 years of experience makes us capable of engineering such structures, each one with a story of its own. 

The interdisciplinary method of HEXANOM is based on involving professionals from different areas of expertise in joint teamwork. 

Advance engineering and build for HEXANOM is a one-stop, seamless way to deliver organic projects for creatives. 

We Are Always Looking For Our Next Organic Challenge!

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We Are Always Looking For Our Next Organic Challenge!