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Our Bespoke Design Consulting Firm specializes in developing complex architectural project design, from concept generation and 3D development to high quality delivered structures.

Our design engineers have worked for architects with fluid creativity, from small to large projects.

As we come from the shipbuilding industry, we are experienced in organic and fluid structures.

We have a personal enthusiasm for the projects we undertake, and we believe this helps us achieve the highest level of craftsmanship. We provide a personalized service adapted to the architect’s needs, and we are happy that our clients get involved in the project as they wish.

Our specialized planners will analyze your needs and work closely with you to develop a tailored solution to your building and function. Therefore, we will be available at all stages of the process, from feasibility design to completion of the installation. Providing a detailed project schedule ensures customer confidence and minimal disruption during the important construction phase.

HEXANOM guarantees precise attention to detail for the duration of the project.

We Are Always Looking For Our Next Organic Challenge!

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Organic fluid shapes and contours are the signatures of any building that is a masterpiece worldwide. A seamless way of providing organic fluid structures, now serves, any structure that has a modern character.

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We Are Always Looking For Our Next Organic Challenge!