Space Frames

HEXANOM Space Frame structures are rigid and lightweight lattice-like structures.

We Design & Build them with posts nested in a geometric pattern.

Our Space Frames are a common feature in modern building construction; they can be developed for large ceiling openings in modernist commercial and industrial buildings.

Dynamic structures for all architectural applications. The geometries and shapes are limited only by the architect’s imagination, a new concept of architectural expression. The triangular plane creates shapes, geometries, and shapes. Any configuration can be built as flat structures, curves, waves, spheres, domes, pyramids, or free forms.

Architects appreciate the visual beauty and surprising simplicity of lines in spatial frames. There is an undeniable trend in which structural elements are exposed as part of the architectural expression. The desire for openness, both for visual impact and the ability to meet different space requirements always requires spatial structures as the most favorable solution.

We Are Always Looking For Our Next Organic Challenge!

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Organic fluid shapes and contours are the signatures of any building that is a masterpiece worldwide. A seamless way of providing organic fluid structures, now serves, any structure that has a modern character.

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We Are Always Looking For Our Next Challenge!